There’s nothing funnier than a rubber chicken. A phrase I coined many, many decades ago and still use to this day. Initially it was a statement to mean exactly what it says. I defy anyone not to smile or laugh at the sight of our yellow rubberized friend with the startled look. He has been used as a sight gag in comedy over countless centuries, back as far as the eighteen hundreds. It is always introduced at the right moment of a situation purely for the laughs.

Then over the years it’s meaning for me changed. Our friend became a metaphor for all the unexpected humorous situations and events in my life. This is what this book is all about. My life according to the rubber chickens.

As I begin this autobiography I must admit I could use a rubber chicken right at this very moment to make an entrance and take attention away from the my huge intrepidation. But, forty years in a business that no sane person would every take on as a career, has taught me one thing. If you don’t put it out there, if you don’t go for it, how will you know if it works!

(to be continued)


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