Here we go!… You’re welcome on my journey

After forty years as an actor, writer, director & producer in this totally insane business, there comes a time you feel the need to write it all down. Mainly due to the fear that age is creeping along and all your life stories and the people you have work alongside, maybe lost at any moment.

An autobiography seems at the moment to be the answer. So this is your invitation to journey with me as I draft it out. Feel my pain and frustration as I try to put these forty years of, I hope, funny antidotes into some form of entertaining reading.

Will it be a tell all, warts and all, naming names exposé both on and of the stage and film/tv set? Hmmm… nice thought. There are certainly a few ‘well knowns’ in there. I guess we will have to wait and see what transpires.

I do know one thing. This will certainly not be in chronological order. In this initial draft we will be journeying back and forth through the decades. Just like the prophecies of  Nostradamus you will need to do that yourself.

You will also be able to follow as chapters are edited or maybe even completely deleted. Only you will know what didn’t make it into the final book.

So why a rubber chicken? We all have them but I guess you will have to wait for the chapters that follow to find out what they are.

So please fell free to come with me on this journey and comment along the way.

Final Note: To all the spelling police out there.   I’m Australian and this will be written in english with the correct ‘english’ spelling. And to the grammar police… IT’S A DRAFT! 😉

Cheers, Greg Bepper


3 thoughts on “Here we go!… You’re welcome on my journey

  1. Have gone from knowing you as someone that did websites the hard way and gradually finding out more of your fascinating life I am looking forward to the ‘Curtain Up’ on the whole life 🙂

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